Our engine uses very basic and affordable hardware – 2D stereoscopic cameras, and IMU (inertial measurement unit), in order to provide:

  • An accurate  digital 3D scene representation of one’s current physical environment: Enabling an intelligent understanding of the mapped 3D scene by creating a depth map and 3D reconstruction
  • Information about a broad series of essential factors that influence the environment and are crucial for building high quality real-life AR experience such as:
    • Light sources, reflections, transparency, shadows, etc.
    • Recognition of real world objects, their physical characteristics and how they affect the scene
  • Ongoing analysis of user orientation and position in the environment sensing and presenting the environment from the user’s point of view – because it keeps moving

The technology behind our engine

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Position and orientation

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Physical world digitization

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Control and gesture NUI

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Infinity AR Engine Overview

Infinity AR Engine Overview

How is our engine different?