Enhancing Reality

InfinityAR is a provider of AR Glasses OS Platform, based on its own inside-out SLAM algorithm, as well as a Scene Understanding SDK for AR developers. The InfinityAR solution enables exceptional productivity and entertainment capabilities for InfinityAR-powered AR glasses and apps. Users can enjoy a unique experience of overlaid virtual objects right in their real world. Many industry verticals can produce superb AR applications that are powered by the InfinityAR solution: retail, training and education, gaming, industrial, medical, product design, and more.

A whole new level of experience

The Infinity offering

For designers and manufacturers of AR glasses (ODMs/OEMs)

  • Design guidelines
  • Scene understanding and Android optimizations SW modules
  • Factory calibration software

For AR application developers

SDK plug-in for 3D engine (e.g. Unity) including:

  • Automatic AR scene setting and spatial understanding
  • Interaction, simulation and debugging  tools
  • In-editor video streamer and simulator

Computer Vision based SLAM and scene understanding

What is unique about the InfinityAR solution?

Affordable, off-the-shelf hardware (stereo camera and IMU, mobile SoC)

A unique algorithm that efficiently utilizes resources (battery life, processing power)

Highly accurate, low-jitter, minimal latency experience provided by our algorithm and optimized Android-based software